Monday, 28 December 2015

Vitamin c skincare saviours

The Vitamin C Cleansing Oil and the Daily Micro Polish Wash from Úna Brennan’s Superfacialist range are definitely among my favourite skincare finds of the year. These two cleansing products have a really luxurious feel for the reasonable price tags of £10.99 for the oil and £9.99 for the daily scrub.

Until now, I have always avoided using any kind of oil on my combination/ oily skin, however this cleansing oil leaves my skin feeling clean without leaving behind any greasy residue. I massage the oil into my dry skin using fingers, and add some warm water to lather it into the skin. I then remove it thoroughly- I find muslin cloths to be great for gently exfoliating without being too harsh. The golden oil has a lovely zesty scent and just a few drops are enough to cleanse the whole face. The only little nitpick I have is the packaging- the lack of pump is a bit of a pain, but it definitely won’t stop me repurchasing.

Moving on to the scrub. Gone are the days when I would scrub my face to death with chemical filled, stripping exfoliators (I’m looking at you, Clearasil). Although I have moved on from this teen habbit, I do like to use an exfoliator of some kind as my combination skin can get very dry on the surface. I find the Úna Brennan Mirco Polish to be gentle, whilst also being able to slough away dead skin as the particles are so so tiny (as the name would suggest). The smell is similarly citrusy to the oil, and when I use these products together, my skin feels truly clean, soft and nourished.

What have been your favourite cleansing products of 2015?
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