Monday, 20 July 2015

Desk (not so) Essentials

Stationary has always been a love of mine. There's no better way to make me feel motivated and organised than to purchase a brand new pencil case, pens and desk supplies. For as long as I can remember, the main perk of starting a new school year was the obligatory trip to WH Smith to choose the cutest stationary to impress my school pals with. Very little has changed and starting my first real job after graduating from University meant only one thing... A trip to Paperchase for a few desk 'essentials'.

All stationary addicts will know that walking into a stationary store to buy one item is a virtually impossible feat, so, predictably I left the store with more than I required (which was a simple notepad). I opted for a colourful metallic notepad with a magnetic closure (£6), and couldn't resist buying a pineapple printed mechanical pen (£2.50) to match. The Russian Doll highlighters (£3) were impossible to pass by and of course I had to buy a tiny pencil case (£4) to keep them in! Because Paperchase accept student discount cards, I was able to take advantage of the last few months of one of the biggest perks of attending University!

Does anyone else share my love of stationary? Where is your favourite place to buy your desk essentials?

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